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“Ripple Effect — Economists See Housing Slump Enduring Longer: Downturn is Expected To Keep Growth Tepid; Retailers Feel the Pinch”

Housing downturn largely due to "glut of homes for sale"; housing glut and "surge in mortgage defaults", in turn, largely due to builder "speculation," residential overbuilding, and targeting of uncreditworthy "sub-prime" borrowers as homebuyers Read More

“Vacant homes for sale cloud economic hopes”: “Data pointing to glut are worst in decades; impact of speculators”

by Michael Corkery, Wall Street Journal

5 Feb 2007, p. A1

“Amid brightening hopes that the U.S. housing market is stabilizing, some economists are zeroing in on a piece of data that could augur badly for the consensus view:  the homeowner vacancy rate.…

Read More

“Letter”: “Board is Wrong To Defer Developers”

"Typical Supervisor Is Beholden More to Developers Than ... Constituents" Read More

“Blink and They’re Still There – Houses and Condos Are Staying on the Market Longer”

Negative Effects of Prince William, Loudoun Housing Glut Viewed Read More

“Housing Strength Shifts to New Markets: As Real-Estate Boom Slows on the Coasts, Texas and Other Overlooked Areas Gain Heat”

WSJ routine overview of regional housing two-years-plus before the housing market crash. Despite growing inventories of unsold homes, "for the nation as a whole, many real-estate executives and economists continue to predict a fairly soft landing for the housing market." Read More

“Kilgore, Kaine Tax Cut Plans Alarm Locals”

Northern Virginians Get Back "Only About 25 Cents of Every Dollar" in Taxes Sent to Richmond Read More
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