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“Gainesville Interchange Work To Start Late ’07”

Sep 2006: Rte 29-I66 interchange right-of-way work to begin Nov 2007, construction completed 2012 "earliest" Read More

Supervisor Stirrup e-mail on expected completion dates of five western PW County road projects (24 Mar 2006)

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Subject: Re: Road Projects & Date for BoS Hearing on Brentswood Proposal
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 16:40:04 -0500
From: Stirrup, John T.
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Bond Funds Approved by Voters in 1998 for Widening Linton Hall Rd (From Rte 28 to Devlin, Brentsville District) Diverted by BOCS in 2004 to Spriggs Rd in Coles District

See Prince William County Government’s “FY2004 Capital Improvement Program,” “Transportation Strategic Goal” section for official decision to divert funds, which may also be viewed as Adobe *.pdf file here:   LintonHallMoneyToSpriggsRdFY04.pdf


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