Prince William

Citizens for Balanced Growth

Year: 2005

2005 Citizen Survey

2005 Survey:  County roads, growth need work”
(by Tara Slate Donaldson, Gainesville Times, 19 Aug 2005)

2005 County Citizens Survey (full text)

The top five:
Citizen satisfaction with:
The bottom five:
Citizen satisfaction with:
— Library staff (99.1%)
— Landfill services (98.8%)
— Medical rescue services (98.3%)
— Fire protection services (98.2%)
— Voter registration (97%)
— Coordination of development and roads (34.9%)
— Getting around in Prince William Countty (38.1%)
— Planning and land use (44.8%)
— Efforts to preserve open space (45.1%))
— Growth in county (47.2%)
2005 County Citizens Survey (full text)
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Survey: County roads, growth need work

by Tara Slate Donaldson, Gainesville Times

19 Aug 2005

“Not surprisingly, Prince William residents are fed up with traffic problems. They’re also not entirely happy with land use planning or the way the county preserves open space.”

That was the bad news in the most recent Citizen Satisfaction Survey, an annual telephone questionnaire that asks residents to rate Prince William County services.

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