by Dan Roem and Tara Slate Donaldson,  The Gainesville Times

25 August 2006, p. 16

“…According to [the Democratic nominee for Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors Sharon] Pandak, her experience in dealing with land use dilemmas is part of what qualifies her to lead the Board of County Supervisors.  She also said she is willing to confront the state government about the issue.

“‘We have authority to do land use, but we have a [state] General Assembly that seems to threaten that,’ she said.  ‘We need to use the authority that we have and seek that authority that is necessary.’

“She said the county needs ’21st century’ ideas to approaching road construction and land use.

“‘And when you have businesses impacted by the fact that they can’t get their services out,’ Pandak said, ‘I believe that we can get them ready to work that discussion with us.'”