by Rose Murphy, Bull Run Observer

25 August 2006, p. 13

… “[Democrat Sharon] Pandak, 53, worked for 25 years in Prince William County government, including 15 years as county attorney.  She is married and lives in Lake Ridge.

“Pandak points out that one way to deal with traffic congestion in the county is to ‘change the dynamics of the state and federal government.  We can’t deal with I-95 without the federal government’s stepping to the plate.  I want more cooperation and more money in dealing with traffic and the environment.  The state and federal government have to play a role.’

“The Democratic candidate stressed her experience in county government, saying, ‘I know many of the state officials and General Assembly members, and I have both federal and state contacts, which I will used to address county issues.

” ‘I believe in consensus, and I want more citizen and business involvement in dealing with issues to get a consensus.’

“Pandak suggests the county can look at different ways to model developments to assess their impacts on schools and transportation.  She says she wants to see more community involvement to discuss rezoning and other land use applications.

” ‘We should use the talents we have available to find solutions,’ she adds.”