Prince William County Government’s “Infocus” newsletter

Summer 2006, Vol 5, Issue 2, p. 6

“I would like to share with you an update of important progress in the Dumfries District.

Roads — The widened Spriggs Road from Route 234 tto Minnieville Road opened in May. Road improvements are in the works to widen a section of eastbound Joplin Road from Interstate 95 to U.S. Route 1 and to add a continuous right turn lane onto southbound Route 1 to serve the entrance to the Marine Corps Heritage Center. Additionally, Route 1 will be widened from Joplin Road to the Heritage Center entrance to facilitate traffic in and out of the Heritage Center. I have requested that VDOT add a traffic light at the entrance.

“The 2002 road bond projects include the widening of Minnieville Road from Cardinal Drive to Spriggs Road. Benita Fitzgerald Drive between Cardinal Drive and Dale Boulevard is scheduled to open in September. The next bond referenda, scheduled this November, will include roads, libraries and recreation. In the Dumfries District, Route 1 would be widened to six lanes from Joplin Road to Brady’s Hill Road. The widening ofMinnieville Road to Route 234 is also in the plan. Recreation will include parks and ball fields. A library is planned for Montclair.

“Construction of sidewalks on Fuller Heights Road will continue in the fall.

“The trees removed from Cardinal Drive were taken to accommodate the intersection of Benita Fitzgerald Drive with Cardinal Drive and roadwork related to the Kelly Farms Development. The developer will plant 18 replace-ment trees on Cardinal Drive between Beau Ridge Drive and Wertz Drive and the rest will be replanted in the fall.

Zoning District — The County is working to implement the recommendations of the Potomac Communities Revitalization Plan with respect to the Triangle study area. This includes the creation of a new zoning district to implement the village mixed use concept. A public hearing on the village district will take place on July 25.

Commercial Development — The military base realignment program will bring 3,000 new personnel to the Quantico Marine Corps Base. We are seeing the development of office space in the Dumfries District to accommodate that growth. The office complex at Route 234/1-95 is partially completed and occupied. The second building is under construction. A full:’service Holiday Inn is under construction at the same site and retail will soon be added. In Triangle, one office building is complete, with a second one under construction.

“I hope you are enjoying a relaxing summer. Please contact me with your questions or concerns at 703-792-4645 or bye-mail”