by Rose Murphy, Bull Run Observer

25 August 2006, p. A13

“…[Republican Corey] Stewart says as Board [of County Supervisors] chairman he could set the board and county direction.

“‘I want to turn the conrner on development and focus on commercial and office space develoment to expand the tax base and bring jobs to the county.  That way people can work nearer home and avoid crowded commercial arteries.’

“‘ I want to limint high-intensity development and get more from developers in transportation improvements, school sites, and parks and open space,’ Stewart points out.

“The Republican board chairman candidate notes he believes ‘the county’s spending priorities should be more focused on education, transportation, and public safety. [no closed quote marks as published]

“Stewart contends the county ‘should work more with the private and not-for-profit sectors to provide needed social services in more efficient and cost effective ways. [no closed quote marks as published]

“Stewart points out, ‘there have been 3000 board votes taken since I came into office.  And the board and I voted together on 95 percent of these votes.’  He adds he opposes high-density development and ‘hopes to discourage it in the future.’

“In discussing land rezoning in the county, Stewart says he doesn’t believe the board ‘has efffectively used its power to rezone.  We’ve essentially okayed virtually every rezoning request.  We do have the power to say no, and that would send a message to the development community.  We have to be willing to say no.’

“Stewart also asserts the county should examine the zoning ordinance as it pertains to by-right usage and stale zoning.

“‘We can require more buffering areas between roads and developments, greater tree save areas and more park and recreation amenities,’ he says.

“Stewart asserts he has a ‘good relationship’ with state representatives, adding, ‘We can get more transportation improvements from the state if we work with the delegates to jointly develop a common legislative agenda for the county in the transportation area.’

“Stewart, an international trade attorney with Foley & Lardner in Washington, DC, represents Occoquan District on the board of supervisors.  He was elected in 2003.

“Stewart and his wife, Maria, live in Woodbridge with their two sons.”