by Dan Roem and Tara Slate Donaldson, The Gainesville Times

25 August 2006, pp. A1, A17

“County Republicans nominated Occoquan Supervisor Corey Stewart over certified public accountant John Gray at their convention Saturday to be the party’s candidate for chairman to the Board of County Supervisors.

“The upcoming election will pit Stewart against Democratic candidate Sharon Pandak, the former county attorney…

“Shortly before 11 a.m., the delegates began lining up to speak out for and against the two candidates.

“Gainesville Supervisor John Stirrup, the honorary chairman of the Stewart campaign, spoke first.

” ‘Corey believes in the principles of our party and translates them into public policy,’ he said.  ‘What are those principles?  Among others, is the concept that government should extract the smallest measure from the taxpayer … And it’s the free enterprise system that is the best vehicle to deliver goods and services to the public and that there is a limited role for the government.’

“Stirrup then questioned Gray’s Republican principles.  ‘Corey’s opponent wants to moderate the party, to make us more like the Democrats,’ he said, drawing boos directed at Gray from the crowd.  ‘We have learned that expensive lesson time and time again.  When we move to the left, the voters simply decide to vote for the real Democrats, not the decaffeinated version.’ ” …