by Catherine Hubbard, Bull Run Observer

22 September 2006, pp. 1, 3

“Reducing congestion at the U.S. 29-I66 intersection is the ‘highest priority’ of Rep. Tom Davis (R-11), the congressman told a Sept. 7 citizens’ gathering at the Nokesville fire hall. He called the traffic reaching from Linton Hall Road to I-66 each morning ‘the largest backup in the state.’

“Davis, who secured funds for the I-66 expansion, Virginia Railway Express (VRE) expansion and funds to benefit Nokesville, Buckland and school programs, emphasized he must earmark money to keep it in this area.

” ‘When the money goes to Richmond, it never gets back to Northern Virginia,’ he said. The money, he added, is well spent in Prince William County, which self-funds many projects and has declining tax rates. ‘It’s a well-run county,’ he said, during a meeting of the Nokesville Civic Association.

“Wally Covington, Brentsville’s representative on the Board of County Supervisors, said he would like to see a VRE stop in the Gainesville area. ‘We need to move VRE in that direction,’ he said, adding that future ridership is in the Linton Hall corridor. Moreover, he said the Broad Run station is difficult for people who live in the Linton Hall corridor to drive to during rush hour, and the crowded parking lot cannot be expanded.

“The expansion of VA 28 will help ease traffic and make it easier for commuters to reach VRE, Covington said. …

“Eventually, the Metro rail will run along the Dulles corridor; however, for budgetary reasons, cars will run above ground, Davis said. Still he anticipates the expansion will help reduce traffic and provide a boost to the economy. ‘Anytime you can get cars off the road, that’s a good thing,’ he said.” …