County summary of intent of Centers of Commerce concept (previously on county website, but county has since removed links)

Centers of Commerce should be planned urban town centers where a variety of activities with a regional draw allows people to work, shop, dine, live, and enjoy entertainment. Centers of Commerce are to be overlay designations on the Long Range Land Use Map, proposed with the 2008 Land Use and Housing Update. The concept was developed by the Land Use Advisory Committee, and its purpose is to allow a mechanism by which Smart Growth can be implemented in select areas of the County.   
Characteristics of Centers of Commerce should include traffic and pedestrian circulation, connections between street activities and building use, and cohesiveness of commercial activity and scale. Centers of Commerce, as shown on the Long Range Land Use Map, should be located within easy access to major transportation hubs such as interstate highway interchanges, commuter rail stations, express bus stops, commuter parking lots, or some combination thereof. See maps below for proposed locations of Centers of Commerce: