Prince William

Citizens for Balanced Growth

Year: 2009

“Some like more transparency for county appointees”

Following 2008 alleged conflict-of-interest improprieties by residential developers on county's Land Use Advisory Commission, Board of Supervisors adopts financial disclosure requirements for some county appointees Read More

“Community concerns overriding, says Stewart”

After "furious" community reaction, Chairman Stewart says asphalt plants "won't be coming to land near Innovation, 'unless and until both plants satisfy the community’s concerns about them' "; Stewart denies Finley political contributions would've made him "unable to be objective in this situation" Read More

Letter to the Editor in “Your View” section: “Taxes low as long as priorities kept”

Letter reminds pro-developer Supervisor Covington of what caused the housing crisis & subsequent Great Recession, including: "Years of concurrent political mischief and corruption ... at the federal, state, and local levels ... to distort market forces and ... artificially force housing demand to fit oversupply" Read More