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“National trends could drag down D.C. area housing market’s gains”

"Biggest obstacles" in the way of a "robust" DC-area housing recovery said to be "nation's high unemployment rate" and "the swelling volume of foreclosures"; Prince William County housing market's volatility discussed; federal pay freeze, defense contractor layoffs, higher interest rates seen as potential negative factors Read More

2007-10 County Citizen Surveys (biennial after 2010)

PWC_SurveySumary2010 | PWC_SurveyComparison09_10 | full text pdf

PWC_SurveySummary2009 | 2009-10 Comparison | full text PDF


2007 County Citizens Survey (full text)

2007 Citizen Survey: PW citizens “generally dissatisfied with the coordination of development and roads, growth in the county, and planning and land use”
(“Supervisors Get Survey Results” by Keith Walker, Potomac News, 9 Aug 2007)

The top seven:
Citizen satisfaction with:
The bottom seven:
Citizen satisfaction with:
— Service from Library Staff  (98.9%)
— Emergency Medical Rescue (98.5%)
— Fire Fighting in Respondent’s Area (988.4%)
— Security in Courthouse (97.3%)
— Landfill (96.0%)
— Convenience of Registering to Vote ( 994.9%)
— Assistance from 911 Operator (94.6%) <
— Coordination of Development with Road Systems (35.5%)
— Rate of PWC Growth (44.0%)
— Ease of Travel in PWC (46.9%)
— Land Use Planning and Development (47.5%)
— Appearance of Illegal Signs along Major Roads (49.2%)
— County Efforts to Preserve Open Space (51.5%)
— Public Transportation in PWC (57.0%)
According to the executive summary of the 2007 County Citizens Survey (full text):   1.
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“Official: Vint Hill lights may hinder traffic”

Covington expresses concern at increasing "pressure" on Vint Hill Road, blames Fauquier County, hints at "four-laning" Vint Hill Road, without mentioning his own property interests there Read More

“Some 78 speakers help convince supervisors to vote ‘no’ on paving facility”

Supervisors unanimously reject Finley Asphalt Plant on Hornbaker Road after strong show of opposition at June citizens meeting in Bristow and August hearing Read More

E-mail notices to public / exchanges with Board of Supervisors 2-4 Aug 2010

Chairman Stewart, Supervisor Covington's efforts to "railroad" Avendale housing project through Board of Supervisors with virtually no notice, linking new football fields to youth football support for Avendale seen as "bribe," "unethical" Read More

E-mail from Supervisor Stirrup aide to Gainesville District residents

Supervisor Stirrup's "significant concerns" about Avendale note that taxpayers will ultimately pay to provide the schools, roads, and sports fields that Brookfield Homes promised the public in order to gain support for the project Read More

“Developers Try Again in PWC”

How Brookfield Homes' "hollow promises" duped Gainesville Grizzlies youth football into lobbying for Avendale residential developers Read More

Official Information from 2008 County Website:

Centers of Commerce/Community (2008)

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“Wellington, Yorkshire areas to be studied under comp plan changes adopted Feb. 2”

Board approves new pro-developer land use plan with "confusing flurry of last-minute changes," including allowing fast-tracking of developer comprehensive plan amendments and allowing residential housing to be part of any CEC, REC, and RCC commercial development; reaction by May, Stewart, Nohe Read More

Why fight local political battles and corruption?

E-mail sent 3 February 2010 from PWCBG's Ralph Stephenson to friend and opponent of Avendale housing development project in response to her question asking whether involvement in local politics by ordinary citizens makes a difference Read More
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