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2007 County Citizens Survey (full text)

2007 Citizen Survey: PW citizens “generally dissatisfied with the coordination of development and roads, growth in the county, and planning and land use”
(“Supervisors Get Survey Results” by Keith Walker, Potomac News, 9 Aug 2007)

The top seven:
Citizen satisfaction with:
The bottom seven:
Citizen satisfaction with:
— Service from Library Staff  (98.9%)
— Emergency Medical Rescue (98.5%)
— Fire Fighting in Respondent’s Area (988.4%)
— Security in Courthouse (97.3%)
— Landfill (96.0%)
— Convenience of Registering to Vote ( 994.9%)
— Assistance from 911 Operator (94.6%) <
— Coordination of Development with Road Systems (35.5%)
— Rate of PWC Growth (44.0%)
— Ease of Travel in PWC (46.9%)
— Land Use Planning and Development (47.5%)
— Appearance of Illegal Signs along Major Roads (49.2%)
— County Efforts to Preserve Open Space (51.5%)
— Public Transportation in PWC (57.0%)
According to the executive summary of the 2007 County Citizens Survey (full text):   1. “In general, people are least satisfied with development and transportation issues, suggesting that these areas are in need of improvement despite the significant progress with the ease of travel of getting around within Prince William County.”  2. In the “Long-Term Trends” section,  “satisfaction with the job the County is doing in planning how land will be used and developed is down approximately 6 percentage points from 1993.”  3. Again from the “Long-Term Trends” section, “satisfaction with the County’s value for tax dollars is up more than 15 points since 1993.”