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“Consolidated public hearings let officials skim over low-profile land use cases”

Board of County Supervisors' fast-tracking of hearings on developer proposals greeted with caution by citizen advocates, who fear lack of transparency, failure to consult public may result; former county Planning Commission chief says "the general direction the board has been taking over the last few years has been to try to marginalize citizen input as much as possible, (except for orchestrated spectacles like the Avendale fiasco), while riding roughshod over whatever input they do get. It seems that for the last two or three years, the board only cares about what developers want on land use matters and all other input is pretty much ignored." Read More

Land Use Votes 2007-2011

Criteria Used to Rate Supervisors: The table below is based on supervisors’ voting records, public statements, and other political activity related to balanced growth issues.…

Read More

Stewart will run for Lt. Gov. Job

Stewart running for Virginia Lieutenant Governor again in 2013 after abortive attempt in 2009; wants to be known for more than illegal immigration controversy; fails to make any mention of earlier advocacy of controlling residential growth, probably because "local issues like rezonings and development within the Rural Crescent are likely going to matter little to a statewide GOP electorate" Read More

“Covington pulls controversial donation”

Covington doesn't believe his $100,000 donation of taxpayer funds to his wife's charity is a conflict of interest, but withdraws it anyway after public outcry Read More

“Candland’s stance on Prince William’s Rural Crescent could be tested by Stewart’s ‘cluster’ plan”

Supervisor Candland's vows to protect Rural Crescent may be challenged by Chairman Stewart's plans to propose "cluster" development of Rural Crescent, a concept also proposed in 2006 by Supervisor Covington Read More

“Each magisterial district to be assigned its own planner: Will get to know the communities and the players, says PWC planning chief”

Each Board of County Supervisors district to be assigned its own planner from county planning staff so planners can better know issues, developers, citizens; Planning Director defends "fast-tracked" approval process for some land use cases Read More

“Supervisors started overseeing county government in 1869”

History of PW Board of County Supervisors viewed 1869-present Read More

“Grizzly Sports Complex opens; needs remain”

Grizzly Sports Complex opens 19 Aug 2011 under sponsorship of Supervisor Covington and Board of County Supervisors [BOCS], with major financial contributions from local developers and Brookfield Homes, which also proffered land in exchange for BOCS support for the Avendale residential development in Rural Crescent; Grizzly supporters express amazement that the project could be completed so quickly(nine days before Supervisor Covington's hotly-contested Republican primary contest with challenger Jeanine Lawson, which Covington ultimately won by only 157 votes Read More

“Election Results: Brentsville District”

Covington beats Lawson by only 157 votes, or 5% of votes cast in 23 Aug Republican primary; Brentsville District voter turnout 8.7%, higher than 6.4% county average Read More

“Black, Candland win primary”

Candland, "quietly" supported by BOCS Chairman Stewart in Gainesville Supervisor Republican primary win, says he's "not a no-growth person," but instead advocates "a measured approach" that includes focusing on repairing and improving roads; Brentsville Supervisor Wally Covington wins primary against challenger Jeanine Lawson by only 157 votes Read More
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