by E. Bruce Davis, Bull Run Observer

20 January 2012, p. 3

“On Dec. 19, 2011 at the Hylton Performing Arts Center and with Robyn, his wife and three of their four children at his side, Peter K. Candland (R) was sworn in as Gainesville District Supervisor of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors. He was elected on Nov. 8 to the position held for two terms by John Stirrup (R), who instead ran for state senate. Candland won a fire-candidate republican primary before defeating Ann Wheeler, democrat.

” ‘John Stirrup was a tremendous help,’ Candland said. ‘After the primary win he called, congratulated me and asked how he could help. I will try to use Stirrup as a prototype.’  He will hold regular town meetings, distribute newsletters, and attend HOA meetings throughout the district.

” ‘I plan to do a lot of listening. You cannot get into trouble listening,’ Candland said. ‘We have a diverse district and concerns and issues vary widely.’  Listening and watching led to Candland’s decision to run for office. As president of the Parks at Piedmont HOA, he saw Stirrup’s efforts in securing a sound wall adjacent to I-66 for the subdivision’s benefit.

” ‘I have always been very active in the community so it dawned on me to work with the HOA,’ Candland said. ‘John Stirrup showed me you could make a difference. Later I got on a budget committee to advise him in one area.’  Candland will form his own to keep himself abreast of county budget matters. He vows to deliver on campaign promises to keep county taxes low. He plans to recruit high-paying jobs to the county, work with state government on providing adequate roads, provide quality education, and adhere to the rule of law on immigration matters. He intends, ‘to protect the Rural Crescent while encouraging measured growth initiatives.’

” ‘I have always wanted to serve,’ said 37 year-old Candland. He grew up in Potomac, MD, the second youngest of ten children. He saw his father work in the community. Candland played sports, excelling as a basketball three-point shooter. He later became a basketball referee. He achieved the high rank of Life in Boy Scouts. He earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Marymount University. He served his two-year Mormon mission in Las Vegas where he said few are natives but many need help.

“Candland worked on payroll, marketing and budgeting in his in-laws’ business in California before moving back east. He worked three years with an international telecom company and now is a strategist for an international technology company. He is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution.

“Robyn taught fifth grade at Bennett Elementary School in Manassas. She served during the campaign, as Candland knocked on 2000 doors and held many ‘meet and greets.’  They have four children, Lauren (11), Natalie (9), Ryan (5) and Paige (2.) Candland loves family activities and served as a soccer coach. He now must balance family, work and new time-consuming supervisory responsibilities.

” ‘I asked John Stirrup how much time being a supervisor takes and he said, “It will take all of the time you give it,” ‘ said Candland. ‘John added, “Get a good scheduler.” ‘  Robyn will shoulder some of the added family responsibility, but Candland will remain an active father.

” ‘I have a great support system, my family, staff and volunteers,’ Candland said. ‘We are bringing in a great full-time staff of three constituents’ services.’ He plans to have an open house soon. The Gainesville District Office is in the Sudley North Government Center, 7873 Ashton Ave., Manassas. Call 703-92-6195 or go to”