by citizen Victoria Swanson

9 October 2012

“A community input meeting will be held at Gainesville Middle School regarding the Stone Haven Development on Tuesday, October 9th, at 7pm. This piece of land, also known as the Hunter Tract, is the only remaining significant piece of undeveloped land in the Linton Hall Corridor, approximately 900 acres. Earlier this year the property owner applied for an amendment to the county’s Comprehensive Plan in an appeal to re-designate future zoning from predominantly commercial development to high density housing. This would essentially raise the value of the land. Thankfully, Supervisor Covington, Brentsville District, did not initiate the amendment. ‘Too many houses and not enough community input’ were the reasons he stated.  He then directed staff to conduct a comprehensive study of the land and include the land owner, local residents and business owners for input.

“Prince William County’s Planning Department held a series of three community meetings over the course of the recent summer months. As a concerned resident, I attended and encouraged my neighbors to attend and provide input as well. The sole purpose was to study potential impacts, such as traffic and schools, and we were to consider land use alternatives. After these meetings the director of the Planning Department decided to hold an additional meeting in October (10/9) as it was clear a compromise was not close.

“I’m troubled that my supervisor, Mr. Covington, is absent from attending these meetings. In addition, I feel he has not done an adequate job of informing his constituents of these meetings. It is my understanding that during Tuesday’s ‘Supervisor Time’ at the board meeting, he made an announcement advertising for a private organization, Youth For Tomorrow’s annual event, however he failed to mention this upcoming community input meeting on Tuesday. You would think he would encourage his constituents to attend meetings that stand to have heavy impacts on our daily lives and property values.

“In spite of Supervisor Covington’s dismal job of keeping his constituents informed, after reading this, I hope you are encouraged to attend on Tuesday and let your voice be heard.

“For more information on the meeting and materials click on the county’s website:

“Sincerely, Victoria Swanson”

19 Sep e-mail from Brentsville District Supervisor Wally Covington publicizing 9 Oct “public meeting” on “Stone Haven” to some interested parties:

——– Original Message ——–
Subject:     Stone Haven Public Meeting
Date:     Wed, 19 Sep 2012 15:19:34 -0400
From:     Covington, W. S. Wally <>
To:     [info withheld]

You recently expressed interest or concern about the development of the Stone Haven property.  Our office would like to keep you informed and welcomes your participation in the process.  The following news release provides information on the next public meeting.

Wally Covington
Brentsville District

Stone Haven Public Meeting / Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2012 at 7 p.m.

Prince William County, Virginia . . . Prince William County’s Planning Office is seeking public input on land use alternatives and potential impacts for the Stone Haven property, also known as the Hunter Trust property. A public meeting will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2012 at 7 p.m. at Gainesville Middle School, 8001 Limestone Drive Gainesville, VA. 20155. The Stone Haven property is located between Wellington and Linton Hall Roads.

Earlier this year, an application was submitted to the County for an amendment to the County’s existing Comprehensive Plan land use map for the property. The Board of County Supervisors did not initiate that request, but instead directed the Planning Office to work with the community and the property owner to identify and discuss alternatives. This meeting will provide attendees the opportunity to review the County’s existing land use plan for the subject area, the applicant’s proposed land use plan, and a series of alternatives developed at stakeholder workshops over the past few months. It will also offer attendees the opportunity to ask questions and to provide additional input.

Information on the process, including all materials presented at the stakeholder workshops, is available at