from Prince William County Reports published by the PWC Board of County Supervisors

Winter 2012 p. 12

“Beginning my third term in office, I welcome this opportunity to greet the citizens who are new to the Brentsville District due to redistricting. Brentsville boundaries continue to shift further west, from the old Brentsville Courthouse to Route 66.

“Our residents live in both urban and rural communities, but the majority live in the Linton Hall/Virginia Gateway corridor. As our infrastructure continues to evolve with construction of the massive interchange at Route 29/I66, so does opportunity for economic development and commerce.

“Education continues to be one of the foremost issues on the minds of many families. Following an unprecedented opening of three schools this fall, three more schools are on the horizon for 2014: Nokesville K-8, Devlin Road Elementary and an elementary school near Haymarket.

“In coming months, the Board of County Supervisors begins work on the FY2014 Budget. Although there are some encouraging economic indicators locally – unemployment continues to trend down, a 7.8 percent increase in work-in-place opportunities and a 5.24 percent increase in average home sales – many families still struggle to make ends meet. Budget negotiations will likely reflect a tension between our growing need for infrastructure: schools, roads, public safety improvements (while interest rates and cost of materials remains low) and the fact that many family budgets are stretched to the limit. I welcome your input on this debate.

“My office is open during normal business hours; I invite you to drop in. You can email me at

“As I traveled around the district this summer, I enjoyed talking one-on-one with citizens. Given our busy daily lives, I hope to continue that dialog through social media. In coming weeks, I will launch a newsletter and a new Facebook page. Feel free to call my office at 703-792-6191 to chat about what’s on your mind.”