[PWCBG mass e-mail 21 August 2021 to county citizens]

Fellow citizens:

Recently, the Prince William Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) Chair and Vice Chair — Ann Wheeler and Andrea Bailey, respectively, as well as Bailey’s husband — teamed up yet again to use county officers to intimidate political opponents of the BOCS Dem majority.  This time the county police were instructed to contact one of two local critics about an email he had written criticizing Wheeler and Bailey.  The police did so — once with what many would see as a threatening email message and then a second time in person.  Wheeler and Bailey, along with the other three Dem supervisors, have been openly supportive of keeping the county’s police department, highly rated by the public, well under strength (by hundreds of positions, per estimates we’ve seen from other county leaders), and holding open the threat of further defunding the police as a prod to try to make it as responsive as possible to them, apparently regardless of the rule of law and Bill of Rights freedoms.

Abuse of Power —  See the linked 12 August and 19 August Potomac Local News reports and a related report/commentary from a local blogger for details on the incidents above.  Also, see previous reports we’ve shared with you about Wheeler and the BOCS majority’s attempts to undermine county citizens’ first amendment freedoms.  Note the curious silence over the last 20 months from other local news media regarding these threats to your local civil liberties.

Systemic Racism v. Inclusion — We also note:  a) Wheeler, Bailey, and the other BOCS Dems’ frequent use of terms like “equity,” which they repeatedly refuse to clearly and objectively define despite formulating numerous important BOCS policies based on the term; b) controversy over their proposed diversity and equity teams at every county government level to ensure their new equity policy is enforced; c) and the BOCS Dems and their appointees’ frequent direct and indirect references to systemic racism and the need for more inclusion, while deciding virtually every major BOCS vote in the last 20 months on a 5-3 vote with no bipartisanship, thus effectively excluding the elected representatives of about half the county population from major decision-making.

The ideas of systemic racism, justifiable cross-generational reverse racism in response/retaliation, the need for punitive and coercive powers in the public square and workplace to enforce acceptance of such ideas, and Critical Race Theory (CRT) are all rooted in mid-19th century ideas of class struggle, and recent political updates, through which The Party pits groups defined by its current orthodoxy against each other and thus manipulates and coerces them toward its own ends.   Locally the PWC BOCS and School Board’s Dem majorities, as well as national teachers union leaders, unequivocally and unquestioningly support CRT orthodoxy and the premises on which it is built and are ensuring that school children are indoctrinated with it.

Breathtaking Hypocrisy, a Dodge, and a Taxpayer Shakedown — Yet the Wheeler-led BOCS Dems’ actions belie the seemingly happy talk of helping the poor.  Linked here is one example of our repeated documentation and explanations of how the BOCS Dems are already harming minorities, sometimes cruelly, even after only 20 months in power.

Meanwhile, at the national level, after 40-50 years of increasingly destructive, failed near-monopoly leadership nationally by The Party of major cities, costing trillions of dollars to taxpayers, urban minorities are too often sunk in multi-generational, directionless despair in drug- and crime-infested urban neighborhoods and public housing — with broken families, shambolic, failed public schools, and no escape therefrom being the rule rather than the exception.  (Think of the slums of metropolitan Baltimore, DC, New York City, Newark, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, and many other major US cities.)  Maybe that’s the way The Party now keeps its most vulnerable constituencies down and dependent on it, with no end game in sight.  If this is what is meant by systemic racism, then we couldn’t agree more that it’s a great evil and an epidemic.  But we wonder how the previous and current architects, puppet masters, and thoughtless supporters of such actual systemic racism can simultaneously deepen and spread it, often profiting handsomely off it professionally, at a cost of trillions of dollars in taxpayer funds, yet also claim to be the saviors of its victims.  Maybe we need a second joint-training session of the BOCS and county School Board by a “systemic racism” expert from our new model, Baltimore Schools, to help us.  Calling George Orwell.  (See attached “PWC_SB…” slides from the joint training session held 8 Dec 2020 and note how the implicit bias training, a potentially useful thing in and of itself, is, however, preceded by and builds on the assumption of systemic racism.  Also, see this link and this link for a different perspective from three leading black scholars — including the necessity of constructive culture in determining economic success, as well as criticism of the current political concepts of “systemic racism” and “equity.”)

Coming Full Circle to one of the Ultimate BOCS Motivations, Developer $ — In conclusion, we are left to ponder whether The Party’s national tactics and strategy, which leave so much destruction and despair in their wake, are being diverted in our county to another goal as well.  In March we discussed in detail how racial slurs and allegations of systemic racism are being used as a smokescreen by some BOCS Dems to suppress opposition and give free rein to developers, particularly regarding the county’s Rural Crescent.   In other words, perhaps the BOCS Dems are abusing power, using racial slurs, constantly introducing new bones of contention to county politics, and pitting people against each other to divert attention from a key goal of the BOCS Dems, a goal to which they have shown unwavering commitment.  That goal, now mostly complete, is to fully urbanize Prince William by paving the way for approval in county strategic plans of 36,000 more houses — adding ~100,000 more people to a county already suffering from overcrowded roads and schools, and eliminating the Rural Crescent and its environmental protections.   That’s still probably the key “money” issue in county politics, and money always talks.  Note, for example, Chair Wheeler’s unsurprising budding romance with developer $, which account for 84.5% of her fundraising in the most recent reporting period.  (See attached “Report_CC…” and https://www.vpap.org/committees/326462/wheeler-for-prince-william-county-board-of-supervisors-chairperson-ann/)

Here’s a link to this message on our pwcbg.org website (not including the two attachments.)  As always, feel free to share on social media, via email, etc.


Ralph & Kathy Stephenson
Prince William Citizens for Balanced Growth (PWCBG)
Only in the bright light of public scrutiny can the common good be secured,
while in darkness and obscurity the interests of the powerful and affluent prevail.