History and Role of the Website

This website was started between the summer of 2006 and the fall of 2007. It was regularly updated while it was being built and has been regularly updated since.  Articles and other info on the site primarily address county land use policies relevant to PWCBG’s mission of balancing residential growth with traffic, school, tax, economic, and quality-of-life issues.  (PWCBG = Prince William Citizens for Balanced Growth.)

Sources of Information on the Site

The information in the website is based primarily on news media articles, e-mails to/from supervisors, county government documents, official county and Virginia state websites, Board of County Supervisors publications, and reports and commentary by PWCBG members. Frequently-cited news sources include the Bull Run Observer, the Gainesville Times, the Potomac News and its successor InsideNoVa, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal.  Major discrete categories of articles are grouped alphabetically. Within those alphabetical groupings, articles are arranged chronologically, with the most recent articles at the top of the section. Click this doclink for a full chronological index of articles.

Archival / Historical Articles

Please note that the chronological index page also includes some archival/historical articles no longer found in other parts of this website.  For example, articles about former supervisors or candidates that provide significant information about supervisor behavior, Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) history, and the workings of  the BOCS are included.

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Prince William Citizens for Balanced Growth