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“Supervisors started overseeing county government in 1869”

History of PW Board of County Supervisors viewed 1869-present Read More

“Va.’s growth plows over country life”

Retrospective on development of Linton Hall Corridor, past & present demographics as seen from perspective of over-100-year-old Benedictine Monastery's nuns, other long-time residents and newcomers Read More

“National trends could drag down D.C. area housing market’s gains”

"Biggest obstacles" in the way of a "robust" DC-area housing recovery said to be "nation's high unemployment rate" and "the swelling volume of foreclosures"; Prince William County housing market's volatility discussed; federal pay freeze, defense contractor layoffs, higher interest rates seen as potential negative factors Read More

Why fight local political battles and corruption?

E-mail sent 3 February 2010 from PWCBG's Ralph Stephenson to friend and opponent of Avendale housing development project in response to her question asking whether involvement in local politics by ordinary citizens makes a difference Read More

“Housing Red Flags Ignored”

Review of how lax home mortgage borrowing rules and poor government oversight, despite repeated warnings, worked in vicious cycle with massive housing oversupply, leading to housing bubble, market crash, and ultimately the Great Recession Read More

“Housing Market: Even More Pain in Store?”

Housing market "glut of inventory", including 9 million vacant homes nationwide, elimination of federal aid measures in early 2010, high unemployment indicate market outlook will remain "extremely clouded" Read More

Letter to the Editor in “Your View” section: “Taxes low as long as priorities kept”

Letter reminds pro-developer Supervisor Covington of what caused the housing crisis & subsequent Great Recession, including: "Years of concurrent political mischief and corruption ... at the federal, state, and local levels ... to distort market forces and ... artificially force housing demand to fit oversupply" Read More

Editorial: “A Breather in Loudoun; The Rascals Are Mostly Gone; Now It’s Time for Calm”

"Disenchanted with" county politicians who wanted to continue "warp speed" housing growth, voters throw out "four of the five reliably pro-growth" Loudoun supervisors. In Loudoun, "local politicians and developers have cuddled up to each other so brazenly that the FBI and federal prosecutors started asking questions" Read More

“Bristoe Station history lives as County, Centex, CWPT work outside the box”

Creation of Bristoe Station Battlefield Heritage Park by county-Centex Homes partnership is good example of how "developers, preservationists and government can find ways to work together" to "do something for the public good" Read More

“Number of Unsold Homes Increases — Listings Rise 2.5% in 18 Metro Areas; Pending Sales Fall”

Improvement in housing market partly dependent on "whether builders will slash production, which would reduce the glut of homes" Read More
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