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Board of County Supervisors Votes 20 Sep To Consider Beginning Development of Rural Crescent

“Board looks at new ways to preserve Rural Crescent” by Hillary Chester, Prince William Times,  30

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Board of County Supervisors remove Bi-County Parkway from county comprehensive plan in 4-3 vote; former supporter Stewart absent; Principi claims ‘dirty politics’; Candland calls vote ‘big win’ for citizens

by Jill Palermo,, 18 March 2016

Bi-County Parkway presser
[Pictured:  “Alan Johnson (left) and Philomena Hefter, both residents on Pageland Road in Gainesville, hold a banner that says ‘Say “No!”  
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Planning Commission votes unanimously in support of removing Bi-County Parkway from county’s comprehensive plan

by Jill Palermo, InsideNOVA, 23 February 2016

“For the past 30 years, the controversial Bi-County Parkway has existed only as a line on local and regional transportation planning maps.

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Official county information on “Stone Haven”

 Official county information on “Stone Haven” residential development which reprises unpopular 2006 Brentswood project.

County Planning Staff report on Stone Haven presented at Prince William County Planning Commission hearing on Stone Haven 3 September 2014

Official information on Stone Haven from Prince William County Government website

County’s pending comprehensive plan amendments (CPAs), including “Stone Haven,” “Wheeler Estate Property,” “Bell Property”

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Nov 2015 Email To Citizens Re. Stone Haven: More Houses, Ever-Increasing Taxes, Ever-Worsening Services … Had Enough Yet?

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“Prince William considers Nokesville Mosque”

All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) makes presentation to Nokesville Civic Association on proposed 500-seat mosque across Vint Hill from Cedar Point Elementary School. County has denied permission to exit onto Vint Hill Road so the mosque would front to 2125 Schafer Lane; resulting traffic "primary issue for most residents." Read More

“Stone Haven vote waiting on new Brentsville supervisor”

Bull Run Observer reports 7 Oct BOCS [Board of County Supervisors] decision to defer Stone Haven vote. Chairman Stewart focuses only on Stone Haven's impact on schools, ignoring its impact on taxes, roads, property values, etc. Supervisor Candland says school board this year said BOCS had approved too many homes, but now is backing Stone Haven. Candland asks if school district is looking at alternatives, should Stone Haven be denied. School Board Chairman explains schools "were relying" on this site, but have options to buy other sites "but no money." Pete Dolan, representing Stone Haven developers, claims Stone Haven would produce less traffic than commercial development of the site, without clarifying and documenting what the various impacts would be on rush hour traffic flows. Read More

E-mail titled “Next Steps After Stone Haven Deferral, Including Rivergate 14 Oct” sent to local citizens and news media

BOCS final vote on Stone Haven deferred to Jan 2015; date TBD. Prince William Station, Pioneer Assemblage residential developments upcoming as well. Count for these three developments now "up to at least 4,450-4,950 new houses multiplied by 3 people and about 2 cars per house." Western Prince William County residents urged to make "common cause with others in county" who face similarly overcrowded roads and schools due to tax-negative residential overdevelopment, starting with Rivergate in Woodbridge, Supervisor Principi's district. Citizens urged to vote in 23 Dec 2014 special election to choose new Brentsville supervisor; candidates' positions on balanced growth "in their own words." Arguments in favor of Stone Haven, denials that Stone Haven, other big residential projects are tax-negative refuted. Bristow Beat pro-developer bias on Stone Haven reporting described; perhaps "this one-sidedness" has something "to do with a large percentage of advertising revenues coming from residential developers." Read More

“UPDATED: Prince William supervisors defer vote on Stone Haven”

InsideNova reports 7 Oct BOCS decision to defer Stone Haven vote. "Confusion about whether Stone Haven would relieve or exacerbate high-school overcrowding" noted. Brentsville District Supervisor candidate Jeanine Lawson urges delay on vote, but reserves final judgement on Stone Haven, awaiting "more information about whether the school division is prepared to purchase a school site if Stone Haven is not approved." Read More

Speech to Prince William BOCS hearing on Stone Haven

PWCBG 2014 fiscal impact analysis of Stone Haven shows that "Stone Haven will be almost $1,400 tax negative per house per year, compared to PWCBG’s 2012-13 analysis that showed residential developments in the county on average about $1,500 tax negative per house per year." Stone Haven and Prince William Station, all things being equal, will cost county taxpayers $5.1-$5.8M per year. Stone Haven developer promises empty land for school and ball fields in exchange for thousands of tax-negative houses. Wouldn't it be much cheaper for county to just buy the empty land for schools and ball fields outright without thousands of tax-negative houses costing taxpayers millions of dollars each year? County urged to take five steps to seriously compete for the first time with Fairfax, Loudoun, Arlington counties, etc to attract hi-paying, hi-tax revenue commercial businesses to county. Read More
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