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Category: Avendale (2010-2011)

“Grizzly Sports Complex opens; needs remain”

Grizzly Sports Complex opens 19 Aug 2011 under sponsorship of Supervisor Covington and Board of County Supervisors [BOCS], with major financial contributions from local developers and Brookfield Homes, which also proffered land in exchange for BOCS support for the Avendale residential development in Rural Crescent; Grizzly supporters express amazement that the project could be completed so quickly(nine days before Supervisor Covington's hotly-contested Republican primary contest with challenger Jeanine Lawson, which Covington ultimately won by only 157 votes Read More

“Grizzly football to get Vint Hill fields” “from staff reports”

Board of Supervisors [BOCS] approves football fields for Gainesville Grizzlies, using Brookfield Homes' proffer of 16 acres following successful Avendale vote for Brookfield; Supervisor Covington's leading role noted Read More

E-mail notices to public / exchanges with Board of Supervisors 2-4 Aug 2010

Chairman Stewart, Supervisor Covington's efforts to "railroad" Avendale housing project through Board of Supervisors with virtually no notice, linking new football fields to youth football support for Avendale seen as "bribe," "unethical" Read More

E-mail from Supervisor Stirrup aide to Gainesville District residents

Supervisor Stirrup's "significant concerns" about Avendale note that taxpayers will ultimately pay to provide the schools, roads, and sports fields that Brookfield Homes promised the public in order to gain support for the project Read More

“Developers Try Again in PWC”

How Brookfield Homes' "hollow promises" duped Gainesville Grizzlies youth football into lobbying for Avendale residential developers Read More