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Category: Debate Over Land Use Chapter of County Comprehensive Plan (2007-2010)

“Wellington, Yorkshire areas to be studied under comp plan changes adopted Feb. 2”

Board approves new pro-developer land use plan with "confusing flurry of last-minute changes," including allowing fast-tracking of developer comprehensive plan amendments and allowing residential housing to be part of any CEC, REC, and RCC commercial development; reaction by May, Stewart, Nohe Read More

E-mail exchanges between PWCBG, Chairman Stewart, Chairman Stewart’s Chief of Staff, and Planning Commission Chairman

Board of County Supervisors Chairman Stewart reverses earlier positions on land use, now opposes his Planning Commission chairman's proposals to channel residential development, instead backing residential-developer-supported proposals Read More

Speech to Board of County Supervisors on 2 Feb 2010

Board should approve Planning Commission recommendations for the county's Comprehensive Plan because they "channel residential growth in reasonable ways". Board should reject the recommendations of the county's developer-controlled Land Use Advisory Committee (LUAC) and the county Planning Staff whose proposals would "set no real limits on housing," instead allowing " 'anything, anywhere, anytime.'" Supervisor Covington criticized as "big landowner with lots of big landowner friends looking to make a killing off of taxpayer-subsidized real estate and county government bailouts of residential developers"; also criticized for appointing developer with conflict of interest to LUAC. Read More

E-mail communications between County Planning Commissioner, PWCBG and county citizens

Board of County Supervisors, including Chairman Stewart, likely to reject Planning Commission's proposed land use reforms, adopt residential developer-influenced Planning Staff recommendations instead, which effectively allow residential development "anywhere, anytime" and "fast-track the approval process" for residential development Read More

“Some like more transparency for county appointees”

Following 2008 alleged conflict-of-interest improprieties by residential developers on county's Land Use Advisory Commission, Board of Supervisors adopts financial disclosure requirements for some county appointees Read More

E-mail exchanges between Ralph Stephenson, BOCS, and Stewart’s Chief of Staff Laurie Cronin

Board of County Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart's original position on land use (Dec 2008): Stewart "supportive" of county Planning Commission's suggested land use reforms, which incentivize commercial, residential development of two blighted areas: Yorkshire north of Manassas and the Rte 1 corridor Read More

E-mail alert from PWCBG to county citizens regarding Centers of Commerce/Community proposal

19 Centers of Community, 6 Centers of Commerce would add 30-35,000 homes in Haymarket-Manassas area alone to county's glutted housing market Read More

“Land-use body faces scrutiny”

Leading local residential developers Mark Granville-Smith, Chuck Rector of Weber-Rector, Inc sat on Land Use Advisory Committee, helped develop Centers of Commerce, Centers of Community plans that would create massive increases in county residential housing (adding ~75,000 more taxpayer-subsidized homes to already glutted housing market); county attorney reverses his earlier decision to not investigate the developers on conflict of interest charges; Supervisor Stirrup requests state investigation, noting county attorney's ties to developers Read More

“Planners ok comp plan housing changes; land-use and transpo need more work”

County land use blueprint "tainted" by possible inclusion of developer's proposals on his own land, would add 75,000 more homes to already glutted housing market Read More