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Category: BOCS Election Controversies (2011-2012)

“Prince William supervisors reject conflict of interest measure”

8 Aug 2012 Board rejects conflict of interest measure that Supervisor Candland says would have led to more transparency and accountability among board members. Last part of meeting held outside board chambers, where there are no video cameras broadcasting online or on local public-access television. This 8 Aug decision follows Board's unanimous 5 Jun 2012 decision "to ban supervisors from doling out 'discretionary funds' to charities, nonprofits and other groups" in response to criticism that "supervisors used the money to build support among key constituencies, turning taxpayer money into political goodwill." Read More

“Each magisterial district to be assigned its own planner: Will get to know the communities and the players, says PWC planning chief”

Each Board of County Supervisors district to be assigned its own planner from county planning staff so planners can better know issues, developers, citizens; Planning Director defends "fast-tracked" approval process for some land use cases Read More

“Chamber forum brings out candidates for PWC board of supervisors”

Chamber of Commerce sponsors supervisor candidates' debate; Gainesville candidates decry housing oversupply, lack of infrastructure, one suggests slums are being created; 2011 estimates of houses approved-but-not-yet built range from 24,000 to 40,000; proposed bi-county, tri-county parkways discussed; Supervisor Nohe suggests housing supply is just a matter of supply and demand, but other candidates note that inadequate proffers mean that developers not paying full cost of development, which causes "tax-negative" development, the costs of which are then passed on to taxpayers; Candidate Lawson accuses BOCS of "rubberstamping development"; Candidate Gray notes that "residential development doesn't pay for itself [while] commercial development does"; Chairman Stewart notes "explosion" of development along Rte. 1 Read More

“Names in the News: Weir runs for board chairman”

Haymarket Town Council member Bob Weir vows to challenge Corey Stewart in Republican primary; says county comprehensive plan "subject to 11th-hour amendments drafted by such entities as VRE or the chamber of commerce, amendments that were considered and enacted by the BOCS without public input and in the case of Mr. (John) Jenkins’ transportation amendments, without disclosure"; also accuses BOCS of withholding information on sale of public land at Innovation Park and on land proffered by developer as part of Avendale deal; downplays county's AAA bond rating Read More