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Fliers distributed Sep-Oct 2014 by PWCBG regarding Stone Haven/upcoming Prince William Station


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“Covington’s Resignation Leaves Brentsville District without Representation for Stone Haven Vote”; reaction by candidates to replace Covington — Lawson, Jacobs

by Stacy Shaw, Bristow Beat

September 23, 2014

Note:  At a meeting of the Nokesville Civic Association the evening of 25 September 2014 attended by PWCBG representatives, the Association adopted by unanimous voice vote a resolution that it will formally request the Prince William Board of County Supervisors to delay the Stone Haven vote and any other votes significantly affecting Brentsville District (Bristow-area) until a new supervisor for Brentsville District is seated.…

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E-mail sent to local citizens, Bristow Beat, and other local news media by PWCBG’s Ralph Stephenson on 20 September 2014

Eight "outrageous lies developers are telling to sell residential development" and how those lies raise taxes and corrupt local politics, perverting "public policy to very narrow private ends." Pro-Stone Haven and consistently pro-developer County Supervisors Stewart, Covington, Nohe, and Jenkins have received over $1M from developers overall and over $40K from the realtor, developer, and likely homebuilder for Stone Haven. All four should recuse themselves from the Stone Haven vote. Vastly overvalued developer proffers and open space are "tantamount to fraud." PWCBG urges citizens to speak out and retake their local government, noting that "in democracies, the people tend to get the kind of government they've worked for and earned by being informed and vigilant." Read More

“30+ speak out on pros and cons of Stone Haven proposal”

County Planning Commission recommends to Board of County Supervisors by 5-2 vote that Stone Haven be approved. Stone Haven projected to add 892 students to county schools. Speakers opposed note that Stone Haven is "tax-negative" and by rezoning more land away from commercial will further reduce future jobs potential of county; will also further overcrowd schools and roads. Speakers in favor of Stone Haven claim improved roads, praise proffers/high school; many are realtors/developers. Neabsco Commissioner says "residential lots are disgraceful," "teeny"; he questions having only five-foot sideyards, noting he does not support the residential portion of Stone Haven. Occoquan Commissioner doubts veracity of Stone Haven's open space calculations and that they are in accord with county policy. Read More

“COLUMN: The Forum – Stop Stone Haven – speak out against over-development”

Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) Chairman Stewart trying to push Stone Haven thru Planning Commission and Board of County Supervisors, with Supervisors Nohe and Covington's support, despite his open acknowledgement that the county's housing boom has "hurt the average person." Large county tax shortfalls will be created by Stone Haven, which will also overcrowd local schools and roads, as well as eliminate more green space. Read More

E-mail sent to local citizens, Bristow Beat, and other local news media by PWCBG’s Ralph Stephenson on 6-7 September 2014

"Now We're Facing ~3,650 Homes/11,000 People Behind Jiffy Lube Live; What You Can Do". Stone Haven/residential development's negative effects on schools, roads, tax base, ever-shrinking stock of future job-producing commercial properties, open/green space reviewed. 5 of 8 BOCS' members have received political contributions from developer; currently 4 voting "yes" on Stone Haven. The "so-called two-year 'consultative' process" on Stone Haven with a few chosen citizens, "was rigged from the beginning to provide the desired outcome for developers and their allies on the BOCS and Planning Commission." Read More

Speech to PWC Planning Commission and BOCS hearings regarding Stone Haven proposal

BOCS Chairman Stewart's recent support for Stone Haven contrasted with his acknowledgement eight years ago that "when we approve large [housing] developments, we are essentially approving a tax increase." County presenting Stone Haven as "false choice" between large residential development or "something even worse." Prince William's failure to seriously try to attract more tax-positive, high-salary-job producing commercial development contrasted with Fairfax and Loudoun's success. Considering Stone Haven's negative impact on schools, roads, the county's tax base, and green space, Planning Commission and BOCS urged to delay vote to further study, then recommend against approving Stone Haven: let's not "develop the land at all and keep it zoned agricultural for now." "What's the hurry" to develop now? On land use issues, Stone Haven represents county's "perversion of public policy for narrow private ends." Read More

“Public hearing set tonight on Stone Haven project in Bristow”

InsideNova previews Stone Haven 3 September hearing and vote before Board of County Supervisors' (BOCS) advisory Planning Commision. Opposition growing due to concerns that Stone Haven will further overcrowd schools and primary roads and be tax negative, and that developer has overvalued land proffered to county. Opposition from Prince William Citizens for Balanced Growth, Brentsville Republican BOCS candidate Jeanine Lawson, and BOCS Gainesville Supervisor Peter Candland noted. Read More

Planning Staff report on Stone Haven presented at PWC Planning Commission hearing

Presentation to Prince William County Planning Commission hearing on Stone Haven 3 September 2014:

County Planning Commission Staff Report on Stone Haven Rezoning Request 22 August 2014

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Prince William BOCS Approves Proffer Increases

Summary: Board of County Supervisors unanimously approves update to county's requested proffers from developers: single-family homes $44,930, townhomes $39,837, "multifamily"/apartments $26,778. Read More
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