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Prince William BOCS Approves Proffer Increases

Summary: Board of County Supervisors unanimously approves update to county's requested proffers from developers: single-family homes $44,930, townhomes $39,837, "multifamily"/apartments $26,778. Read More

Speech delivered to Prince William Committee of 100 Forum

Summary: PWCBG co-founder Ralph Stephenson urges increase in PW County's residential developer proffers from $37,719 per single family home to at least $51,000, noting that the county's proffers are apparently the lowest of northern Virginia urban and suburban counties. This results in overall tax-negative land development where most new residential development costs county taxpayers more in services provided than it produces in tax revenue to pay for those services. County taxpayers must then make up the difference. Wondering why "county taxpayers are [thus] forced to pay corporate welfare to residential developers," Stephenson further asks: "Why should county taxpayers continue to subsidize politically-, not economically-driven residential development that overcrowds their schools, congests their roads, and increases their taxes?" (Speech delivered by PWCBG's Ralph Stephenson to Prince William Committe of 100 Forum on 17 April 2014 in Montclair, VA) Read More

Prince William School Board says ‘no’ to new housing development

"Faced with overcrowding and large class sizes, the Prince William County School Board is doing what it can to discourage new housing developments where classroom space is tight" by noting "its disapproval of [a] pending rezoning application that would add more new homes in an area where schools are overcapacity." Also, 20 May 2013 PW School Board resolution urges PW Board of County Supervisors "to re-evaluate monetary proffer guidelines" and raise them to Loudoun County levels. Read More

“Supervisors to study proffer amounts from developers”

Candland asks county Planning Staff to review policy on housing developer proffers, compare to surrounding counties following PW County School Board requests that proffers be reviewed in light of school overcrowding. Candland says county proffer policy "has the effect of underfunding our schools, and the unintended consequence is that we impose an unfair burden on existing homeowners who are forced to subsidize new housing developments that do not adequately pay for the schools and county services required for new families who buy homes in those subdivisions." Read More

“Stonehaven Development and ‘Getting’ a High School”

"PWC Education Reform Blog" dismisses county planning staff argument that Stonehaven will be good for Bristow-Gainesville area, noting that by the time one high school is delivered, a second would be needed because of the 2,000 new houses that would be built in Stonehaven. Notes high cost to taxpayers of new homes and low proffer levels from developers in Prince William County, compared to neighboring counties. Read More

Letter to the Editor in “Your View” section: “Taxes low as long as priorities kept”

Letter reminds pro-developer Supervisor Covington of what caused the housing crisis & subsequent Great Recession, including: "Years of concurrent political mischief and corruption ... at the federal, state, and local levels ... to distort market forces and ... artificially force housing demand to fit oversupply" Read More

“Proposed Increase in County Proffer Fees Is Defeated 5-3”

Board votes 5-3 against proffer reform that would require residential developers to bear full cost to county of residential development; Supervisor Nohe explains "no" vote in terms of new Virginia General Assembly rules on impact fees; Supervisor Caddigan "in favor of proffer increases," but "the timing was wrong" Read More

“New Group Pushes Proffer Hikes”

PWCBG's 9 Oct news conference supports increased proffers; Chairman Candidate Pandak reverses earlier lack of support for proffer reform (See article "Stewart Seeks to Raise Residential Proffers" by Kevin Walker, Manassas Journal Messenger, 31 Aug 2007); Democratic Party official repeatedly tries to interrupt, heckle speakers who support increased proffers Read More

Speech at 9 Oct PWCBG news conference supporting increased proffers

"Why would the Board of County Supervisors want to increase the glut of residential housing in Prince William County by subsidizing residential development at taxpayers' expense?" Read More

“No New Housing in County Without Payment of Impact Fees, Says Stewart”

Stewart supports impact fees, proffers that pay for government infrastructure burdens imposed on county taxpayers by residential development; residential developers cast proposal as anti-business, even though commercial development specifically exempted by 5 June BOCS vote Read More
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