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Board of County Supervisors Votes 20 Sep To Consider Beginning Development of Rural Crescent

“Board looks at new ways to preserve Rural Crescent” by Hillary Chester, Prince William Times,  30

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Board of County Supervisors remove Bi-County Parkway from county comprehensive plan in 4-3 vote; former supporter Stewart absent; Principi claims ‘dirty politics’; Candland calls vote ‘big win’ for citizens

by Jill Palermo,, 18 March 2016

Bi-County Parkway presser
[Pictured:  “Alan Johnson (left) and Philomena Hefter, both residents on Pageland Road in Gainesville, hold a banner that says ‘Say “No!”  
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Reports above on Supervisor Nohe’s efforts to re-examine, perhaps eliminate Rural Crescent

Land Use Votes: Rural Crescent

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Nov 2015 Email To Citizens Re. Stone Haven: More Houses, Ever-Increasing Taxes, Ever-Worsening Services … Had Enough Yet?

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“Scott Jacobs for Brentsville Supervisor” flier

"Scott Jacobs for Brentsville Supervisor" flier launches personal attacks against Lawson and supporters. Jacobs says he "knows the only way to reduce class sizes is building new schools," but fails to acknowledge that a far better option would be to simultaneously build new schools AND slow down unneeded, tax-negative residential development that overcrowds roads and schools, depresses property values, and reduces options for weaning county away from an economy that increasingly consists of low-wage jobs and long-distance commuters. Read More

Official PW County Election Returns: Lawson Wins Special Election

Jeanine Lawson wins 23 Dec 2014 special election for Brentsville District BOCS seat with over 75% of vote overall and wide margin in all voting precincts. Read More

“Open Letter to BOCS Chairman Stewart on His Tax Increase Plan”

Open Letter to Stewart regarding his 9 Dec 2014 proposal to increase real estate taxes. Letter notes that after 2007 Stewart "reversed course 180 degress and began relentlessly championing residential developer causes" and "aggressively seeking developer money." Now he has "apparently lost interest in restraining tax rates," blaming "county budget shortfalls, particularly school shortfalls, on PW County taxpayers' reluctance (and inability in many cases) to pay higher taxes." Stewart's "desperate plea" "for higher taxes" seems to concede PWCBG's point of the last nine years that tax-negative residential development severely harms the county's tax base. Read More

Views of 2014 candidates for Brentsville District BOCS seat

Jeanine Lawson-R

22 March 2014 statement by Jeanine Lawson, candidate for Brentsville Supervisor, to PWCBG on why she should succeed current Brentsville Supervisor Wally Covington, when he resigns in 2014

Lawson expresses support for balanced growth principles to reduce school overcrowding, foster growth of professional jobs, improve ratio of commercial-to-residential tax revenue, reduce traffic congestion, and preserve Rural Crescent. …

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“Stone Haven vote waiting on new Brentsville supervisor”

Bull Run Observer reports 7 Oct BOCS [Board of County Supervisors] decision to defer Stone Haven vote. Chairman Stewart focuses only on Stone Haven's impact on schools, ignoring its impact on taxes, roads, property values, etc. Supervisor Candland says school board this year said BOCS had approved too many homes, but now is backing Stone Haven. Candland asks if school district is looking at alternatives, should Stone Haven be denied. School Board Chairman explains schools "were relying" on this site, but have options to buy other sites "but no money." Pete Dolan, representing Stone Haven developers, claims Stone Haven would produce less traffic than commercial development of the site, without clarifying and documenting what the various impacts would be on rush hour traffic flows. Read More

“UPDATED: Prince William supervisors defer vote on Stone Haven”

InsideNova reports 7 Oct BOCS decision to defer Stone Haven vote. "Confusion about whether Stone Haven would relieve or exacerbate high-school overcrowding" noted. Brentsville District Supervisor candidate Jeanine Lawson urges delay on vote, but reserves final judgement on Stone Haven, awaiting "more information about whether the school division is prepared to purchase a school site if Stone Haven is not approved." Read More
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