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Board of County Supervisors Votes 20 Sep To Consider Beginning Development of Rural Crescent

“Board looks at new ways to preserve Rural Crescent” by Hillary Chester, Prince William Times,  30

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Reports above on Supervisor Nohe’s efforts to re-examine, perhaps eliminate Rural Crescent

Land Use Votes: Rural Crescent

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Nov 2015 Email To Citizens Re. Stone Haven: More Houses, Ever-Increasing Taxes, Ever-Worsening Services … Had Enough Yet?

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“Candland calls road study ‘kicking the can down the road'”

Prince William Board of County Supervisors votes to initiate full study of county road network instead of just removing controversial Bi-County/Tri-County Parkway Parkway from its system. Supervisors May, Caddigan, Candland express opposition to roadway, while Stewart, Nohe continue to express support. Pro-parkway supervisor Covington casts only vote against study, though Candland describes it as "just a way of not voting (up or down on the bi-county parkway) and kicking the can down the road." Read More

“Wellington, Yorkshire areas to be studied under comp plan changes adopted Feb. 2”

Board approves new pro-developer land use plan with "confusing flurry of last-minute changes," including allowing fast-tracking of developer comprehensive plan amendments and allowing residential housing to be part of any CEC, REC, and RCC commercial development; reaction by May, Stewart, Nohe Read More

2004-2007 “Nohe for Supervisor” campaign raises $87,000 total, including $44,000 (51%) from developers

Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP), Virginia’s authoritative source on the role of money in state politics

Nohe for Supervisor Total Campaign Contributions and Expenses 2004-2007

Nohe for Supervisor Campaign Contributions 2007 by Industry Sector

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“Proposed Increase in County Proffer Fees Is Defeated 5-3”

Board votes 5-3 against proffer reform that would require residential developers to bear full cost to county of residential development; Supervisor Nohe explains "no" vote in terms of new Virginia General Assembly rules on impact fees; Supervisor Caddigan "in favor of proffer increases," but "the timing was wrong" Read More

Bond Funds Approved by Voters in 1998 for Widening Linton Hall Rd (From Rte 28 to Devlin, Brentsville District) Diverted by BOCS in 2004 to Spriggs Rd in Coles District

See Prince William County Government’s “FY2004 Capital Improvement Program,” “Transportation Strategic Goal” section for official decision to divert funds, which may also be viewed as Adobe *.pdf

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