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Mike May, Occoquan Supervisor (Republican) No apparent conflicts of interest


County link to all supervisor financial disclosure forms    |    No apparent financial, land use, other conflicts of interest revealed by May personal financial disclosure forms: 2012  | 2013  |  2014MayEconInterest

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Mr. Bildmore & 1000s of New Houses; Civic Groups/Civic Virtue; Disingenuous Partisanship

[Mass e-mail by Prince William Citizens for Balanced Growth]

Several days ago, Prince William Citizens for Balanced Growth (PWCBG) received an e-mail from a prominent and vocal Rural Crescent (RC) landowner. …

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BEWARE: Preserving Rural Crescent, Limits on Residential Developers No Longer Supported by Both Parties in 5 Nov Elections

[Mass e-mail by Prince William Citizens for Balanced Growth]

Fellow Prince William County Citizens:

In our nearly 15 years of involvement in county land use issues and almost 20 years living here, pursuing balanced growth land use policies and protecting Prince William County’s Rural Crescent have always been bipartisan issues, including protecting citizens against tax-negative residential development that chokes our roads, overcrowds our schools, raises our taxes, lowers property values, and damages our environment. …

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Overall, Jan 2006-Jun 2014 May raises $174,239, including $37,220 (21%) from developers

Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP), Virginia’s authoritative source on the role of money in state politics

May for Supervisor Total Campaign Contributions and Expenses Jan 2006-Jun 2014

May for Supervisor Campaign Contributions Jan 2006-Jun 2014 by Industry Sector

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