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10 Mar Devlin Vote Tests Inclusivity of New Dem-Majority BOCS; 24 Feb Devlin Rd Town Hall

[Mass e-mail by Prince William Citizens for Balanced Growth]

Fellow citizens:

Devlin Road Returns — Prince William County residential developers are trying yet again to revive an already-thrice-failed effort to put hundreds of new houses (over 500 this time) on a portion of Devlin Rd. …

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URGENT: Stop Stewart’s Sneaky Scheme To Add 516 More Houses on Devlin Road Now, Before Term Ends

[Mass e-mail by Prince William Citizens for Balanced Growth]

All: Please note that Prince William Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) Chairman Corey Stewart, who leaves office at the end of December 2019, is making a last-ditch effort to get approval over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays for 516 more houses on Devlin Road.…

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E-mail exchange between PWCBG co-founders and Gainesville Times reporter Tara Slate-Donaldson

In 26 March 2013 news story about Stone Haven, the housing project that reprises the unpopular, failed Brentswood proposal of 2005-06, Gainesville Times notes developer Brookfield Homes' generosity in offering to pay $180 million in road improvements as part of the Brentswood proposal. PWCBG notes that this continued claim by Brookfield Homes is a fabrication; instead, at the time, Brookfield created an elaborate subterfuge in the form of a Community Development Authority (CDA) to insulate itself from any of the road improvement costs, passing them on 100% to future Brentswood homeowners and/or taxpayers. "Bottom line is that since no one (neither state nor county) [government] would've accepted responsibility for the CDA, Brookfield would've walked away scot-free, cost-free, with no new road capacity whatsoever created, but still able to claim credit for something it never did". Read More

“Letter”: “Board is Wrong To Defer Developers”

"Typical Supervisor Is Beholden More to Developers Than ... Constituents" Read More


"Connaughton's Brentswood Stand: Just An Elaborate Ruse?" Read More

“Brentswood Plan Hearing Delayed; Changes in Works”

Brentswood Hearing Cancelled Only Hours Beforehand by Board of County Supervisors. Note: In a 15 March 2005 vote on Brentswood, the PW Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) voted 5-3 to allow the proposal to be sent through the county's rezoning process. This made it necessary for the proposal to be formally studied by the county Planning Staff and formally voted on by both the county Planning Commission and the BOCS. The following supervisors voted in March 2005 to keep the proposal alive and send it through the formal rezoning process: Chairman Sean Connaughton, Wally Covington, Hilda Barg, Martin Nohe, and John Jenkins. Voting against further consideration: Corey Stewart, John Stirrup, and Maureen Caddigan. Read More

Three-part county planning staff report on original Brentswood proposal (2005-06)

PWC Planning Staff Report on original Brentswood Land Use Proposal:   Part 1      Part 2      Part 3


Note the following excerpts from the three-part county Planning Staff documents above:

“The applicant has submitted an application to establish a CDA to fund off-site infrastructure improvements.

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Organizations Opposed to Brentswood

County Planning Commission: Planning Staff Report Recommending Denial of Brentswood 10 May 2006

Planning Staff Report on Brentswood Proposal part 1

County Democratic Party Committee Resolution Opposing Brentswood adopted by the 27 April 2006 “Prince William County Democratic Committee (PWCDC) General Membership meeting”

Resolution of the Prince William County Democratic Committee

County Republican Party Committee Resolution Opposing Brentswood adopted by the 1 April 2006 county Republican Party convention

Prince William County Republican Committee Resolution

PWCBG Flier Opposing Brentswood distributed April-May 2006 to Brentsville & Gainesville Residents

PWCBG Anti-Brentswood Flier

Facts About the Proposed Brentswood Development (from PWCBG flier noted immediately above)
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“Supervisors Urged To Reject Brentswood”, Letter to Editor

After Receiving $863K From Developers, Including Brookfield Homes, Chairman Connaughton Should Recuse Himself From Brentswood Vote Read More

“Costs, Amenities, Proffers of Brentswood Analyzed at Gainesville Town Meeting”

Experts: Brentswood Proffers, Promises Do Not Withstand Scrutiny; Project Would Impose "Huge Financial Burden" on County Read More
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