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“COLUMN: The Forum – Stop Stone Haven – speak out against over-development”

Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) Chairman Stewart trying to push Stone Haven thru Planning Commission and Board of County Supervisors, with Supervisors Nohe and Covington's support, despite his open acknowledgement that the county's housing boom has "hurt the average person." Large county tax shortfalls will be created by Stone Haven, which will also overcrowd local schools and roads, as well as eliminate more green space. Read More

E-mail sent to local citizens, Bristow Beat, and other local news media by PWCBG’s Ralph Stephenson on 6-7 September 2014

"Now We're Facing ~3,650 Homes/11,000 People Behind Jiffy Lube Live; What You Can Do". Stone Haven/residential development's negative effects on schools, roads, tax base, ever-shrinking stock of future job-producing commercial properties, open/green space reviewed. 5 of 8 BOCS' members have received political contributions from developer; currently 4 voting "yes" on Stone Haven. The "so-called two-year 'consultative' process" on Stone Haven with a few chosen citizens, "was rigged from the beginning to provide the desired outcome for developers and their allies on the BOCS and Planning Commission." Read More

Speech to PWC Planning Commission and BOCS hearings regarding Stone Haven proposal

BOCS Chairman Stewart's recent support for Stone Haven contrasted with his acknowledgement eight years ago that "when we approve large [housing] developments, we are essentially approving a tax increase." County presenting Stone Haven as "false choice" between large residential development or "something even worse." Prince William's failure to seriously try to attract more tax-positive, high-salary-job producing commercial development contrasted with Fairfax and Loudoun's success. Considering Stone Haven's negative impact on schools, roads, the county's tax base, and green space, Planning Commission and BOCS urged to delay vote to further study, then recommend against approving Stone Haven: let's not "develop the land at all and keep it zoned agricultural for now." "What's the hurry" to develop now? On land use issues, Stone Haven represents county's "perversion of public policy for narrow private ends." Read More

“Public hearing set tonight on Stone Haven project in Bristow”

InsideNova previews Stone Haven 3 September hearing and vote before Board of County Supervisors' (BOCS) advisory Planning Commision. Opposition growing due to concerns that Stone Haven will further overcrowd schools and primary roads and be tax negative, and that developer has overvalued land proffered to county. Opposition from Prince William Citizens for Balanced Growth, Brentsville Republican BOCS candidate Jeanine Lawson, and BOCS Gainesville Supervisor Peter Candland noted. Read More

Planning Staff report on Stone Haven presented at PWC Planning Commission hearing

Presentation to Prince William County Planning Commission hearing on Stone Haven 3 September 2014:

County Planning Commission Staff Report on Stone Haven Rezoning Request 22 August 2014

Read More

“Stone Haven eyed for High School – Officials worry development would add to school overcrowding”

Gainesville District Supervisor Candland says possible Stone Haven high school would be merely "solving a problem we're creating" by Board of County Supervisors allowing more residential development [i.e., at least 900 houses in Stone Haven] that "would add to school overcrowding" Read More

E-mail exchange between PWCBG co-founders and Gainesville Times reporter Tara Slate-Donaldson

In 26 March 2013 news story about Stone Haven, the housing project that reprises the unpopular, failed Brentswood proposal of 2005-06, Gainesville Times notes developer Brookfield Homes' generosity in offering to pay $180 million in road improvements as part of the Brentswood proposal. PWCBG notes that this continued claim by Brookfield Homes is a fabrication; instead, at the time, Brookfield created an elaborate subterfuge in the form of a Community Development Authority (CDA) to insulate itself from any of the road improvement costs, passing them on 100% to future Brentswood homeowners and/or taxpayers. "Bottom line is that since no one (neither state nor county) [government] would've accepted responsibility for the CDA, Brookfield would've walked away scot-free, cost-free, with no new road capacity whatsoever created, but still able to claim credit for something it never did". Read More

E-mail exchanges between PWCBG co-founders and PWC BOCS Chairman Corey Stewart

Board of County Supervisors Chairman Stewart challenged by PWCBG on his post-Brentswood (2006) "180-degree reversal of position" in which he now ignores the "harmful effects of high-density, tax revenue-negative housing on school overcrowding, traffic congestion, local taxes, the environment" and supports harmful housing developments like Stone Haven, Brentswood's successor project. Stewart replies to PWCBG, fails to specifically defend Stone Haven; numerous "falsities" in his response, conflicts of interest noted. Connection seen between Stewart's "apparent loss of interest in balanced, managed residential growth and the fact that" he's set his "sights on higher political office" and now needs "a lot of housing developer money to run for statewide office." Read More

E-mail from PWCBG co-founder to BOCS Vice Chairman and Brentsville District Supervisor Wally Covington

Board of County Supervisors Vice Chairman Covington refuses to respond to PWCBG queries regarding his "serious conflicts of interest on land use issues", including apparent efforts to enrich himself by steering land development towards his own considerable land holdings in Brentsville District. Unlike Chairman Stewart, Covington ignores PWCBG queries regarding his misrepresentations and attempts to mislead media and local citizens about new high school, developer proffers, the high cost to taxpayers of most residential development, and Stone Haven, successor project to the failed 2005-06 Brentswood residential development rezoning plan; appears to be "shilling for the developers yet again". Read More

“Stone Haven development in western Pr. William promises scrutiny, tension”

Board of Supervisors votes to initiate formal county review of Stone Haven development by 5-3 vote; developer "dangled" "carrots" in front of residents hoping for support; initial lower estimate of houses "could change as developers create a detailed plan." With excerpts from related story "Board moves forward with Stone Haven" by Tara Slate Donaldson Gainesville Times, 20-26 March 2013, pp. A1, A6 Read More
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