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URGENT: Stop Stewart’s Sneaky Scheme To Add 516 More Houses on Devlin Road Now, Before Term Ends

All: Please note that Prince William Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) Chairman Corey Stewart, who leaves office at the end of December 2019, is making a last-ditch effort to get approval over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays for 516 more houses on Devlin Road.…

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See What You, the People, Achieved: 4 for 4 … (+ Questions for AnnW)

All:   Good news.

Electoral Outcome — On 5 November, the four western and central county candidates whom you and we were able to directly support were all elected to the Prince William Board of County Supervisors (BOCS):  Yesli Vega (Coles), Jeanine Lawson (Brentsville), Kenny Boddye (Occoquan), and Peter Candland (Gainesville.)

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Mr. Bildmore & 1000s of New Houses; Civic Groups/Civic Virtue; Disingenuous Partisanship

Several days ago, Prince William Citizens for Balanced Growth (PWCBG) received an e-mail from a prominent and vocal Rural Crescent (RC) landowner. …

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How BOCS Land Use Decisions Affect You: Before and Beyond 5 Nov Elections

We come to Prince William County’s land use wars reluctantly.  In many ways, this is not our battle.  We have no political ambitions. …

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Stopping the Many-Headed Monster of Out-of-Control Residential Development

As previously noted, working with many other civic groups and some Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) members, we’ve spent over 14 years, now almost 15 trying one-by-one to cut off the hydra heads of out-of-control residential development. …

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Our Plea to You Re: 5 Nov Election’s Implications for Schools, Roads, Taxes, Rural Crescent

Fellow Prince William County Citizens:

We and many other citizens groups have worked hard to bring limits to residential development in our county so that schools, roads, the environment, and the very limited commercial tax base can begin to recover from more than two decades of out-of-control residential development.…

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BEWARE: Preserving Rural Crescent, Limits on Residential Developers No Longer Supported by Both Parties in 5 Nov Elections

Fellow Prince William County Citizens:

In our nearly 15 years of involvement in county land use issues and almost 20 years living here, pursuing balanced growth land use policies and protecting Prince William County’s Rural Crescent have always been bipartisan issues, including protecting citizens against tax-negative residential development that chokes our roads, overcrowds our schools, raises our taxes, lowers property values, and damages our environment. …

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Summary of County’s 2014 Citizen Satisfaction Survey: “Prince William residents generally satisfied with county, but transportation scores drop

By Keith Walker, Bull Run Now.Com 16 Sep 2014

“The results of the 2014 Community Survey are in, and overall, the citizens of Prince William County are very satisfied with the performance of their County government.…

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“Citizen Survey: PW Residents Still Happy With Libraries, Tired of Traffic”

by Tara Slate Donaldson, The Gainesville Times, 10 Aug 2006


“Results are in from the county’s annual citizen satisfaction survey and it comes as no surprise that residents are fed up with driving in Prince William County.…

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Survey: County roads, growth need work

by Tara Slate Donaldson, Gainesville Times

19 Aug 2005

“Not surprisingly, Prince William residents are fed up with traffic problems. They’re also not entirely happy with land use planning or the way the county preserves open space.”

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