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The eight members of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) are elected officials empowered by the state and county to make binding public zoning and land use decisions on the county’s behalf.

PWC_BOCS_DistrictsMap041811 | Maps of Individual Supervisor Districts (Apr2011)

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County Planning Office

Employees of the County Planning Office are professional staff who evaluate land use proposals for the BOC.

County Planning Commission

The County Planning Commission is a citizens’ advisory board appointed by the BOCS. Its eight members offer non-binding recommendations to the BOCS on land use issues.

County Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is a blueprint for future county land use policy. The county website notes that the comprehensive plan includes “recommendations for future land use, transportation systems, schools, parks, libraries, historic and environmental resources … facilities, and services.” The most recent version, the 2008 Comprehensive Plan, was officially adopted by the county supervisors on 18 March 2008 — with multiple updates in subsequent years.

County Government

Official website of the Prince William County Government.