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Civic Associations — Holding Public Hearings During Pandemic with ‘Greatly Reduced Public Participation’ Will ‘Undermine the Public Process’

Prince William Conservation Alliance (PWCA)
Woodbridge Potomac Communities Civic Association (WPCCA)
Lake Ridge Occoquan Coles Civic Association (LOCCA)
Mid County Civic Association Of Prince William (MIDCO)

Date: March 26, 2020

To: Prince William County Government Partners

Dear elected officials and staff:

Since the organizations listed above are engaged in promoting transparency in government, we have to take exception to the county’s plans to continue to hold Public Hearings during the health emergency.…

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Chair Wheeler Holding Semi-Public 31 Mar BOCS Meeting To Suspend ‘Public Comment,’ Assume Greatly Increased ‘Emergency’ Powers


This is an open letter to Prince William County citizens and the Board of County Supervisors (BOCS.)  It concerns Chair Ann Wheeler appearing to put politics and greater power for a BOCS “quorum” (typically, five of eight members) above public safety, good governance, and liberal democratic principles by:

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BOCS Urged to Ensure Ban on Public Comment Does Not Become Permanent

—–Original Message—–
From: Tammy L. Spinks
To: awheeler <; jlawson <; yvega <; kboddye <; gainesville <

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Second Chance for 5 New BOCS Members Deceived by Developers on Devlin2; PWCBG Suggests Tax Relief for Local Employers/Employees Facing Layoffs

[24 March 2020 open letter by Prince Willia Citizens for Balanced Growth, PWCBG, to county citizens and five members of the new Board of County Supervisors (BOCS):  Kenny Boddye, Margaret Franklin, Andrea Bailey, Victor Angry, and Chair Ann Wheeler]

Why PWCBG is writing now — With a global pandemic upon us, many of us sheltering at home, and county offices largely closing, this may seem like an unusual time to talk about county land use issues. …

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Supervisor Boddye’s Help Requested in Defeating Devlin, Kline Projects ‘To Protect West County, Revitalize East County’

[ 25 February 2020 e-mail from PWCBG to Occoquan Supervisor Kenny Boddye titled “Kenny: Pls Help Us Defeat Devlin, Kline Projects To Protect West County, Revitalize East County”]

Hi, Kenny. …

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PWCBG Speeches Propose ‘Better Way,’ Decreased Devlin Density, Debunk Developer Myths on Proffers, Lawsuits

[Speeches by PWCBG’s Kathy & Ralph Stephenson at 10 March 2020 Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) hearing on Devlin rezoning: propose ‘better way on land use policy’; urge BOCS attentiveness to citizen concerns and decreased density on Devlin; debunk developer myths on proffers, lawsuits.]

Kathy’s speech — I’m Kathy Stephenson of Prince William Citizens for Balanced Growth (PWCBG) and reside in Brentsville District. …

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BOCS’ 5 Dems Unite to Insult West County Citizens, Force 516 More Devlin Rd. Houses on Them

[Mass e-mail by Prince William Citizens for Balanced Growth]

What happened? — Despite unanimous, outspoken opposition from local homeowners/ordinary citizens and HOAs at the 10 March hearing on the big 516-house Devlin Rd project, “Devlin 2,” all five Democrats on the Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) showed in their first major land use decision that corrupt pro-developer, anti-citizen land use policies are becoming, for the first time in at least 20 years, an entirely partisan issue.

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BOCS Chair Wheeler’s 7 Jan 2020 ‘State of the County’ Address

[PWCBG editor’s note: In later posted versions of Chair Wheeler’s speech below on site, transcription of speech was changed in paragraph two, first sentence from “increased by 280,000” to “increased from 280,000”.]

Welcome to everyone who is here today or listening or watching us online.…

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Secrets of Devlin Road That Developers Will Never Tell You

[7 Mar 2020 updated version of mass e-mail by Prince William Citizens for Balanced Growth, based on updated information from Prince William County government]

Fellow Prince William County citizens: 

In a recent email, we noted that on 10 March 2020 the Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) will vote on the over-500-house Devlin Road residential development proposal. …

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10 Mar Devlin Vote Tests Inclusivity of New Dem-Majority BOCS; 24 Feb Devlin Rd Town Hall

[Mass e-mail by Prince William Citizens for Balanced Growth]

Fellow citizens:

Devlin Road Returns — Prince William County residential developers are trying yet again to revive an already-thrice-failed effort to put hundreds of new houses (over 500 this time) on a portion of Devlin Rd. …

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