Summary: PWCBG co-founder Ralph Stephenson urges increase in PW County's residential developer proffers from $37,719 per single family home to at least $51,000, noting that the county's proffers are apparently the lowest of northern Virginia urban and suburban counties. This results in overall tax-negative land development where most new residential development costs county taxpayers more in services provided than it produces in tax revenue to pay for those services. County taxpayers must then make up the difference. Wondering why "county taxpayers are [thus] forced to pay corporate welfare to residential developers," Stephenson further asks: "Why should county taxpayers continue to subsidize politically-, not economically-driven residential development that overcrowds their schools, congests their roads, and increases their taxes?" (Speech delivered by PWCBG's Ralph Stephenson to Prince William Committe of 100 Forum on 17 April 2014 in Montclair, VA) Read More