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Stone Haven Proposal Withdrawn

VICTORY — After public outcry, Stone Haven proposal withdrawn 7 Dec 2015 by developer. If Stone Haven, which is being closely watched by developers, had passed, the dominoes would’ve begun to fall, with at least 5,000 new houses in Linton Hall area: 406+ Blackburn (already approved 17 Nov in “closed” hearing); Stone Haven (1,000 now then ~600 more later); PW Station (~2,000); Pioneer Assemblage/Strathmore (465); and other parcels such as former Supervisor Covington’s 100 or so acres (likely 4 houses per acre or 400 more.) So ultimately ~5,000 more houses, 10,000 more cars, 15,000 more people, and about 2,500 more school children (3 people avg per household, estimating about 0.5 to be school-age.) All this added to the most overcrowded schools in the state and arguably the most overcrowded roads.…

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Nov 2015 Email To Citizens Re. Stone Haven: More Houses, Ever-Increasing Taxes, Ever-Worsening Services … Had Enough Yet?

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